Prospective Students


Department of  Mechanical Engineering Program contains 4 years of education after 1 year optional preparation education(english). There is also evening education in our department. Throughout 8 semesters, students must take and accomplish compulsory and optional lectures stated in the instructional plan and also complete the 25 days summer internships(2) succesfully.  At postgraduate level,   Bülent Ecevit University’s Mechanical Engineering Department offers master program and doctorate program which is co-operated with Sakarya University since 2009. Our department provides education service to our students  with our adequate academic personal.

 Our Vision

As Department of Mechanical Engineering our vision is to be a leading educational and research institution that provides world-class modern higher education; conducts research and generates knowledge; and serves our society and the humanity by publishing the outputs

 Our Mission

our mission is to provide world-class education in undergraduate, graduate and professional levels to generate mechanical engineers who:

§  will assume responsibility in design, production, application, research and development activities of various industrial and research organizations;

§  have creativity as well as systematic approach in problem solving;

§  are harmonious in teamwork;

§  are sensitive to environment;

§  have social, economical and ethical consciousness and responsibility; and

§  who will be the leaders of tomorrow;

to conduct research that generates competitive information and technology; and to serve our society and the humanity by conveying this accumulation of knowledge and experience.

Undergraduate Education Program

Compulsary Courses



Strength of Materials

Computer Aided Design

Computer Programming

Fluid Mechanics

Material Science

Machine Elements


Electrical & Electronical Engineering

Machine Theory

Manufacturing Technologies

Heat Engineering

Control Systems

Heat Transfer

Mech. Eng. Design

Optional Courses

Mech. Eng. Cont. Syst.

Heating and Ventilation

Hyrolic Machines

Gas Turbines and Jet Engines

Energy Production Systems

Internal Combustion Engine Design

Combustion Technology

Alternative Energy Resources

Computer Aided Engineering

Vehicle Design

Material Inspection Methods

Casting Technology

Welding Technology

Mechanical Vibrations

Comp. Aided Design of Mechanisms

 Why BEÜ Mechanical Engineering Department?

Powerful and dynamic academic staff

Completely new and modern education buildings and laboratories

Practical-theorical collaboration

Education options with Erasmus and Farabi programs

Double major opportunities

Updated and wordclass curriculum

Social life, city campus advantages

Good communication between students and academic staff

Better job opportunities after graduation


There are 9 classrooms in our department and 640 students can be educated simultaneously. Laboratories in our department are listed below;

-Engine Lab

-Metallography Lab

-Machine Tools Lab

-Fluid Mechanics Lab

-Heat and Thermodynamics Lab

-Material and Manufacturing Lab

– Machine Theory Lab

 Student Exchange Program

We have domestic and student international exchange opportunities at postgraduate and undergraduate levels with Erasmus, Farabi  and Mevlana Student Exchange programs. Students can stay abroad one or more semestres with Erasmus Program and complete their lectures in four years to graduate. Partner Universities;

-College of Danaujvaros/Hungary

-University of Science and Technology/Poland

-Petru Maior University/Romania

 Double major and Sub Branch Opportunities

Our department has double major agreement  with electrical-electronical engineering and civil engineering departments. Our students can be graduated by  two degrees as Electrical- electronics engineering and civil engineering.

 Career and Job  Opportunities

Our graduated students within the scope of Mechanical Engineering have a wide range of job opportunities. Our graduates can have a job and get specialize at following areas; automotive, construction, mechanical insallation, energy, air conditioning, aviation, robotics, biomedicals.